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Park City Trail Series Half Marathon

Date: September 16, 2017

Location: Park City, UT

Distance: 13.6

Time: 2:52:59

Today was the last race in the series–a beautiful yet tough half marathon. I signed up for these races with my daughter, Kaitlin, and I’m so happy we did. In June we ran the 5K, in July we ran the 10K, last month we ran the 15K, and today was the finale.


If you look closely, you can see a hot air balloon just over the ridge.

Over the past two weeks, our weather temperatures seem to have dropped at least forty degrees. While we ran last month’s race in shorts and tank tops, today we woke up to below-freezing temperatures and had to really bundle up–including wearing gloves and headbands, long running tights, and several layers–that is, until about five miles in when it started to warm up and we took off some layers.

The race was beautiful–the sky was clear blue, and the winds were light so it was ideal running weather. Overall, I had a really enjoyable time, but in comparison to last week’s race, this was was definitely more challenging.

Trail running is completely different from road running. The course today, for example, was hilly, muddy, and included lots of obstacles–rocks and puddles primarily. So, not only are you simply putting in mileage, but you are also having to be very careful at all times about foot placement. There are also so many pace changes throughout the race–walking on the steep uphills, then scrambling on the downhills. My quads will probably be sore tomorrow even though I’ve been training for a full marathon and have been putting in the miles.

Next up is my last long training run–a 20-miler so I’m ready for the Portland full next month. (I’m kind of scared).


Park City Trail Series 10K

Date: July 8, 2017

GarminConnect_20170709-182235Distance: 10K (6.2 miles)

Time: 1:15:33

What a great race! I loved this second race of the four-race Park City Trail Series and already can’t wait for the 15K next month.

The weather was perfect, I got to run with my daughter and one of our dogs, and we had a really great time.

I don’t do a lot of trail running, but I am really enjoying it. It feels more “fun” than a road race even though I have to really watch my footing (or perhaps because of that). The course included two main elevation gains and drops, and the last mile-and-a-half was the fastest part of the course–which I loved. I was also reminded of the increased technical skills needed–I saw two people fall during the course and a woman had to visit the medical tent at the end of the race due to a huge gash on her forehead. Yikes.

I must also give a shout out to The North Face. They are a sponsor of the series and have IMG_20170709_183820-1been very generous with their give-aways. After the 5K race, I was lucky enough to win a drawing for one of their backpacks. This race, they were giving out free dog collars to all of the dogs who ran the race. Awesome.

The aid stations were very dog-friendly as well–with bowls of water for the pups who were running.

Thank you to Salt Lake Running Company for always putting on such great events. I’m grateful to live in such a great place for outdoor activities and people who encourage others to get outside and be active in our beautiful state. There are lots of ways here to #havemorefun




Park City Trail Series 5K

Date: June 10, 2017

Distance: 5K (3.1 miles)

Time: 34:50GarminConnect

My daughter asked me awhile back about doing this race series and of course I agreed. She thought it would be fun because it’s dog friendly; I thought it would be fun because it means I get to hang out with her.

Today was a beautiful day for a race. The race announcer said there were over 500 participants, and we also saw lots of dogs. As far as I’m concerned, this was a perfect way to start a day: sunshine, mountains, running, and getting to hang out with one of my kids and one of my dogs. Loved it.

I also wore my “Stop the Clot” gear for the first time. Recently, I ordered a shirt and a hat from a fellow runner and blood clot survivor. He is doing such good work to spread awareness of clots and I’m gaining a whole new network of supporters. There are lots of us who have survived DVTs or PEs and it’s pretty inspiring. Not everyone is so lucky.

Next month: the 10K!!




Hiking + Running = Trail Run!

Date: May 25, 2013

About 3 miles in.

About 3 miles in.

Distance: 6.5 recorded (7-ish actual)

Time: 1:31:27 recorded (1:45-ish actual)

First off, did you know that National Geographic recently named Salt Lake City the best hiking city in the United States? It’s true–read all about it at this link.

I started this beautiful spring Saturday with a very fun trail run with my friend, Jane. Fewer than ten minutes from my front door, Millcreek Canyon offers lots of easy-access hiking trails. Today, we went up Rattlesnake Gulch and Pipeline trails and logged about seven miles total.

The first half mile is not “runnable” as it is too steep and rocky. Just past that point, though, the trail flattens out and we enjoyed panoramic vistas (when we glanced up long enough to enjoy them), and a variety of running surfaces. Some parts of the dirt trail were rocky and narrow–forcing us to be very mindful of our steps. Much of the trail, though, was mostly rock free, wider, and shaded by trees starting at about mile 2.5.

coming back down--about two miles to go

coming back down–about two miles to go

I’ve only done a handful of trail runs before, and I like them. Today I used many different muscles than I do when simply road running, and trail running requires a much stronger focus because of having to continually navigate the changing terrain.

My knees felt the downhill, and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll feel new muscles that I didn’t know I had. Even so, today’s run motivated me to spend this summer hiking and trail running as much as possible. After all, I have so many opportunities right in my own back yard.


Note: distance and time are off because I forgot to push the start button on my Garmin until about half a mile in! Oops.