Let’s do this juice thing again.

Just over two years ago, I watched the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary and, like many, was inspired to buy a juicer to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Not long after, I decided to complete a modified 7-day juice fast, which I blogged about on here. The results were great–I felt good and I lost almost 10 pounds in one week. I also liked how the experience left me with a new appreciation for food I need to chew! I realized how enjoyable eating solid food is, because I really, really missed it during that week.

Since then, I’ve continued to incorporate juicing into my diet–not as strictly as the seven-day stint, but sometimes I’ll juice for an entire day or–more commonly–I’ll simply add juices into my normal diet. Juicing really is a great way to get those multiple servings of fruits and vegetables we are supposed to be eating every day, but often fail to do.

On social media, I follow the filmmaker (Joe Cross) on Twitter @joethejuicer and sometimes will check out his website. I’ve also enjoyed paying occasional visits to my local cold-pressed juicery. So, you could say, I generally “dabble” in juicing.

Joe the Juicer

Joe the Juicer

This past week, Joe encouraged followers to complete a 5-day juice challenge–a “reboot.” He provided an easy-to-follow plan, with recipes, though, so anyone can follow it whenever they want. In fact, I’ve found a couple options. Here’s one plan: 5-day Jump into Juicing Reboot, but the most recent one is found here: Joe’s 2016 Juice Challenge.

I fully INTENDED to do the 2016 reboot challenge, but I didn’t due to travel snafus last weekend and my inability to get to the store to stock up on all the produce I needed.

I’m ready now. I paid a visit to my local grocery store yesterday, purchased all the needed fruits and veggies, and am prepared and motivated to do this. I decided to write blog about my experience again–mostly as a way to hold myself accountable. My odds of blowing it are lessened tremendously if I know I’ll be checking in online about by efforts.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes.


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