We crashed the party–Diva Day 5K

Date: October 3, 2015

Distance: 5K

Location: Missoula, MT

Time: ?

I used this race as a way to spend time with friends from my Portland Marathon group and to also provide support to a very close friend who has been treated for GIST cancer for almost ten years. The event is one of those low-key, fun events where individuals and teams of people commonly dress in costume (think tutus and tiaras). diva

I decided to do this race only four days beforehand, so it was very last-minute. I know, however, that my opportunities to spend time with these friends is pretty rare so I jumped at the chance. The primary purpose of the race was to promote breast cancer awareness and provide support to survivors and those fighting the disease. That didn’t describe us, however, so you might say we crashed the party so we could acknowledge how other types of cancers have touched our lives.

In a month filled with pink everything, I’m reminded that my friend’s cancer is one that is not as well-known or supported.

In protest of all the pink we knew would be on full display, Our group decided immediately, “no pink” in our costumes. Instead, we had teal t-shirts printed–a color symbolizing GIST cancer–and we included thigh-high rainbow socks in honor of our friend, Todd, who was not able to join us but who is certainly a member of our “Montana Mamas” Portland group. He was with us in spirit.

The race was fun–we walked and talked the whole time. The best part, though, was the time we got to spend the rest of the day catching up and reconnecting.diva2

That opportunity more than made up for the sixteen hours of driving I had to do to get there and back. What a great group of friends. I’m grateful that we have remained friends for over thirty years.


F-you (ewe), cancer.


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