Mainly Marathons Independence Series Day #3-Daniel Boone’s Homestead in Birdsboro, PA

FB_20150501_18_01_32_Saved_PictureDate: May 1, 2015

Distance: 13.27

Time: 2:57:21

Today’s theme? Pain! We were pretty sure doing consecutive races four days in a row would be challenging and today proved our predictions were correct. Quads hurt, and we mainly “shuffled” through. Actually, I’m amazed we both finished in under 3 hours as sore as we felt. I really hope tomorrow is not worse.

The course today was my favorite by far. We ran an 8-loop out-and-back course on the Daniel Boone homestead. It was picturesque–old buildings on the property, a covered bridge, lots of fields, trees, and even included a small herd of sheep. The beginning of the course started with a paved downhill stretch, followed by alternate stretches of gravel and dirt. I liked that the course was spacious and we didn’t feel too crowded like the courses on the previous two days where there were some stretches that barely allowed for two people side by side.

The skies were overcast and today was a bit chilly, but we were lucky to avoid the rain that arrived later in the afternoon. By the time it started raining, Denise and I had already packed up, checked out of our hotel, and were on the road towards New Jersey.


Sunrise at the start of the race.

Again, I am humbled by the number of people running the full marathon all five days. I wonder how they are feeling right now.

As for us, we have had a pretty regular routine–after the race we shower, Denise takes an ice bath (great idea, but I’m a wimp), we pack up, hit the road to the next destination, check into our hotel, eat an early dinner, and are in bed by 6 or 7 p.m. Seriously. These 4:15 a.m. wake up calls followed by 13.1 mile runs are killing us.

Really hoping tomorrow isn’t too painful…


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