Mainly Marathons Independence Series Day #2-Lums Pond State Park in Bear, DE

Date: April 30, 2015

Distance: 13.04

Time: 2:56:36

We enjoyed perfect running weather for day #2 of this series,FB_20150430_21_34_54_Saved_Picture and today’s course was great. The race was held at a camping area and the course took runners over a grassy field that, evidently, is used as a cricket field, followed by a nice tree-lined dirt trail, followed by a paved running path. Again, like all of these races, the course was an out-and-back. This time, our turnaround distance was shorter, so we had to complete ten loops rather than yesterday’s seven.

As in yesterday’s race, Denise finished before I did, and she was looking particularly strong today. My strategy, as suggested by her, was to walk a tenth of a mile both at the aid station and at the turnaround. That seemed to work perfectly for me. I took the added precaution of also mostly walking the second-to-last loop and walking all of the last loop. Still trying to conserve my muscles, knowing that we still have two races to complete.

Yet another loss. I haven’t talked about this yet, because I’ve been so upset about it,  but last Sunday, a very dear co-worker of mine passed away unexpectedly. A lot is going on back home with services planned for Saturday, and lots of close friends grieving this horrible loss. My first impulse, when I heard the news, was to cancel this trip. I just didn’t see how I could still go away. Plus, I will miss the funeral.

After a lot of deliberation and the support and encouragement of my boss, other co-workers, and friends, I made the decision to stick with my plans and continue with the trip. Spending time with Denise and putting in all of this mileage is one way I can cope with yet another loss.

As I was running today I decided to listen to music. During the middle of the race, a song came on that was a perfect tribute to my co-worker, Bill. My thoughts, of course, have been with Bill and his family this whole week. Today, in particular, he was with me while I listened to that song and my feet rhythmically hit the ground, propelling me forward one step at a time.

Running, as always, is the perfect metaphor for life. I especially felt that today. There are many times in life when we must endure and we must keep moving forward.


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  1. Posted by Jen on April 30, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Love you Gail. Beautiful!


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