2014 Race for Grief

Date: May 26, 2014

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 1:00:04 (gun time); 59:47:37 (Garmin time)

Today was a beautiful day to run. I was glad I had this race on my calendar but was a bit concerned because I spent the past two days fighting some sort of a stomach virus. My goal was to run this in under an hour and I did. Barely, but I did, so I’m happy–that is, if I count my Garmin time, which I will since I didn’t cross the start until a few seconds after the 5K runners started.

This race is a nice event that brings together parents who have lost babies. Others also run the race commemorating older loved ones who have passed away, and there’s a nice spirit of shared support at this event. I’ve found it to be a very satisfying way to take time and honor Melanie, whom we lost four years ago.

Shirt and medal

Shirt and medal

I wrote in more detail about the event last year at this link.

This year, they added a 5K option and moved the race day to Memorial Day, which I thought was a great move. For me, it’s especially meaningful. Melanie’s middle name, Irene, honors my Grandma–who would have celebrated her birthday tomorrow, if she were still with us.

As long as this event continues to be held, I’ll look forward to running it whenever I can.

Peace to everyone today who is remembering and honoring service men and women, and family members and friends who have left us too soon.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone, and Happy Birthday, Grandma Irene. I know you are taking care of Mia until we get to see her again.


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