So much for those weekend plans

Date: October 5, 2013

Distance: 13.58 miles

Time: 2:31:47

Yesterday, after seeing that the Rapid City/Hill City, South Dakota weather forecasts were calling for blizzard conditions and up to a foot of snow, I decided to cancel my hotel and car rental reservations in time to avoid paying any cancellation fees. Good call.

The early winter storm was even worse than predicted. Last night and through today, I am reading reports of wind gusts of up to 68 miles per hour, snowfall ranging from 23 to 48 inches, and widespread power outages throughout South Dakota. The flight I planned to take into Rapid City this morning was cancelled, so I couldn’t have made it in there even if I wanted to.

This was really a bummer because Orlando has time off from work and was planning on riding his motorcycle up to meet me. We envisioned a fun, autumn weekend together where I got to knock out another state and he got to test out his bike on a long-distance road trip. Rain snow check, I guess.

Bundled up at Little Del Reservoir

Bundled up at Little Dell Reservoir

And, that’s okay with me. The race, Run Crazy Horse, was an event that several of my friends and I had talked about running together but this year, plans didn’t mesh. My attempt to run it came together only in the last couple of months, and the whole time I was preparing for the race, I didn’t quite feel 100% okay with the fact that I would be running it without my friends (you know who you are). And, now, with this year’s plans falling apart, I look forward to resurrecting our efforts to all get together next year to run it.

In spite of not being able to run the race in South Dakota, I decided to complete a 13.1-mile local training run instead. The Midwest might be digging out from one of the biggest snowstorms they’ve seen, but here in Utah, we have beautiful running weather.

I had Orlando drop me off at Little Dell Reservoir, which happens to be just over 13 miles from our house, up Emigration Canyon. I ran the first couple of miles with our dog so he could get some exercise in today (that’s about his limit), and then he and Orlando headed home and I enjoyed a beautiful, crisp run with spectacular views of oranges, yellows, and reds as I meandered down the canyon.

About a mile in.

About a mile in.

I took my time today–walking the first 1/10 of every mile and running the rest. That is, until I got to about mile 11. At that point, I’m sad to report that my ankle was giving me grief to the point I felt as though I should walk most of the remaining two miles. I came home, iced it, and plan to take it easy over the next few days to see if that helps–it usually does. Further proof that I’m not meant to be a full marathoner. Halfs are my limit.

Next up? Arkansas and Missouri in November.


Update: Tomorrow’s 2013 Crazy Horse Half Marathon was canceled. Hoping for next year…


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