Last long run before Colorado race

Date: July 14, 2013

Distance: 12.22 miles

Time: 2:07:08

Drop off spot with Rocco.

Drop off spot with Rocco.

Today, I was able to have Orlando drive me 12 miles up Emigration Canyon–the furthest I’ve run on this route. In fact, it was even about 3/4 of a mile past the summit, so the first portion was uphill before I was rewarded with the downhill, scenic trek. Dog got a bit of exercise too, because I took him with me for the first mile or so. Luckily, Orlando parked only 1.16 miles from where he dropped me off and waited for us because even that short distance tired out the dog. My dog is the biggest couch potato! You would think with his lean build, and long legs, he would be built for distance running. Nope.

After I got rid of the lazy dog, I enjoyed the winding, downhill road and beautiful, sunny weather. I didn’t care about my time today–just wanted to enjoy the run and get my mileage in before my Colorado race (two weeks out). I took in the views, stopped to take photos, listened to my iPod, and simply enjoyed the run.

The last three miles were tough because that’s where the course flattens out, and even brings a few uphill portions as I near home. Plus, at that point, I was tired and hot.

By the time I hit mile 9, my mixture of half coconut water/half drinking water was warm. Not enjoyable. Also, I was using a free sample of Shot Bloks–strawberry flavor. Not going to ever purchase that flavor, that’s for sure. I much prefer the lemon lime or black cherry flavors. When I got home I was happy to drink a full  glass of COLD water.

Feel ready for the Denver race, now. It’s a bummer I have to run it alone. No running buddies are joining me so I’m just going to knock this one out myself. Posting pictures of Emigration Canyon since I write about it so much.

Road down Emigration.

Road down Emigration.

Little Dell at top of Emigration Canyon

Little Dell at top of Emigration Canyon


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