Long Run

Date: July 7, 2013

Distance: 10.21 miles

Time: 1:47:50

I loved today’s run.

judas priest

google images

I had planned to have Orlando drive me ten miles from our house, up Emigration Canyon so I could do one of my favorite, mostly all downhill runs. He was running a bit late for work, though, so I had him drop me off just four miles from home.

To get my planned ten miles in, that meant I had to run uphill for the first three miles–good for me, but not my favorite thing to do. Turns out, I had one of the most amazing runs. It was pretty hot out–about 80–but it started raining at mile 1.5 and continued until my three-mile turn around. That cooled me off a bit. Then, the rest of my run was a rewarding downhill for the next five miles, followed by mostly flat terrain as I neared home.

Satisfying. Loved it. And, I’m reminded of a kick-butt running song.

Turbo Lover” got me through the last part of my uphill.

Gotta love the 80s.


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