2013 Race for Grief 10K

Date: June 29, 2013

Distance: 10 K (6.2 miles)

Time: 59:19:00

The Race for Grief is a nearby 10K race (with a 2 mile walk option) devoted to helping people commemorate the loss of a loved one. It’s a really nice event that brings all types of runners together in the memory of babies, children, or other friends and family members.

Race shirt & medal

Race shirt & medal.

Runners are encouraged to bring posters to display during the race and lots of people wear specially made shirts or signs to indicate who they are running in memory of.

While I loved the shirts this year, I decided to run in one of my racer backs to be able to show my tattoo of our baby’s footprints. If there is ever a perfect place to show it off, this was it.

Orlando joined me in the race this year, and that made it especially meaningful. We both wore signs on our backs with our baby’s name, birth/death date, a photo of her tiny feet, and a caption that read, “There is no foot too small that cannot leave an imprint on this world.”

Race day weather was beautiful, but a bit hot–even at 7:30 a.m. I certainly didn’t set a personal record during this race, but I did manage to finish in under an hour, which is always my 10K goal. Of the four women in my age group, however, I placed fourth. (That sounds better than last). Correction: Official race report now shows six were in my category so I didn’t finish last. Yay!Race for Grief 2013 back

Some very fast runners ran this race–many of the top finishers were in the 45-minute range.

The highlight of the morning was hearing the announcer call Orlando’s name as the first place winner in his age group. He hasn’t been consistently running and walked most of the race–finishing in 1:29. He was quite surprised to hear his name being called and, at first, he was sure they were calling him for a raffle prize instead of a medal.

Turns out, he happened to be the only male runner in his age category. (But we won’t need to tell anyone that)!

Sure enough, he left the race with a “1st place” finishers’ medal around his neck and he claims he is going to wear it to work tomorrow.

Next year the race will be held on Memorial Day–which is quite appropriate, and running it will likely turn into an annual tradition for us.

Loss is difficult, but it’s certainly made easier with the support and care of others.

First place medal!

First place medal!


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