Hiking + Running = Trail Run!

Date: May 25, 2013

About 3 miles in.

About 3 miles in.

Distance: 6.5 recorded (7-ish actual)

Time: 1:31:27 recorded (1:45-ish actual)

First off, did you know that National Geographic recently named Salt Lake City the best hiking city in the United States? It’s true–read all about it at this link.

I started this beautiful spring Saturday with a very fun trail run with my friend, Jane. Fewer than ten minutes from my front door, Millcreek Canyon offers lots of easy-access hiking trails. Today, we went up Rattlesnake Gulch and Pipeline trails and logged about seven miles total.

The first half mile is not “runnable” as it is too steep and rocky. Just past that point, though, the trail flattens out and we enjoyed panoramic vistas (when we glanced up long enough to enjoy them), and a variety of running surfaces. Some parts of the dirt trail were rocky and narrow–forcing us to be very mindful of our steps. Much of the trail, though, was mostly rock free, wider, and shaded by trees starting at about mile 2.5.

coming back down--about two miles to go

coming back down–about two miles to go

I’ve only done a handful of trail runs before, and I like them. Today I used many different muscles than I do when simply road running, and trail running requires a much stronger focus because of having to continually navigate the changing terrain.

My knees felt the downhill, and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll feel new muscles that I didn’t know I had. Even so, today’s run motivated me to spend this summer hiking and trail running as much as possible. After all, I have so many opportunities right in my own back yard.


Note: distance and time are off because I forgot to push the start button on my Garmin until about half a mile in! Oops.


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