Three years ago.

Date: April 21, 2013

Distance: 11.58 miles

Time: 2:19:30

Today was a very reflective run. More so than most.

Instead of writing about the Boston Marathon bombing, which invaded my head and heart this past week in stronger ways than I would have expected, I’m going to put this past week’s tragedy  in the back of my mind for a moment and note a more personal loss.

Three years ago today, I went in for a routine prenatal check up, and was informed that our baby’s heartbeat could no longer be detected. Just two weeks before her due date, we had inexplicably lost our baby and were told to go home until we heard from the hospital. Later, my husband and I went in and delivered our stillborn baby in darkness and silence in the middle of the night. We commemorate April 22nd as the day we saw her, held her, and also said our goodbyes.

We were left with more questions than answers that day and in the weeks that followed.

All we know now is this time of year reminds us of our loss and we continue to grieve.

Tomorrow I will visit  Mia’s grave and bring her pink roses. I’ll also tell her how very, very much she is missed and loved.


I wrote about our loss in the post titled, “The Most Difficult Journey of All.”


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  1. I am sorry about your loss. Losing a child is always very hard.


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