Day 6 of Juice Fast

Today’s Theme: The novelty is over.

from Google images

from Google images

How people do this juicing thing for thirty or sixty days is beyond me. Even though I feel great physically, I am pining for real food.

But–this is the crazy part–instead of craving things like cheeseburgers, nachos, and fries, like I normally would while dieting, I feel like eating oatmeal with yogurt, a crunchy salad with ranch dressing, some nuts, and salmon or a turkey sandwich. I feel like eating real food, but healthy food! I’m also not craving sweets at all. The thought of eating candy or drinking a soda right now sounds disgusting.

Proponents of juicing promise that a juice fast will diminish unhealthy food cravings, and I’m experiencing that first-hand. It’s wonderful. I’m also surprised at how quickly that transition took place–just a few days.

I know this won’t last. Soon enough, I’ll find myself thinking that junk food sounds good and I’ll let myself  indulge. And that’s okay.

For now, though, I’ll enjoy the fact that I’m looking forward to ending my juice fast after tomorrow so I can wake up on Tuesday and make myself a real breakfast. Oatmeal? A piece of homemade bread with peanut butter? Or perhaps some scrambled eggs. I can’t wait. And, whatever I decide will probably be accompanied by a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.




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