Day 5 of Juice Fast

Today’s Theme: Is it runners high or juicing high?

This morning I went for a six-mile run after chugging down yet another juice & vegetable mixture. I did an out-and-back at the base of Emigration Canyon. That meant three miles up the hill followed by three fast miles downhill.

Granted, I went at a much faster pace during the second half of the run than I normally do, but when I finished I was absolutely euphoric–and in a different-than-normal way. I was on that fabled runner’s high for a good three or four hours following my run. The whole rest of the day has been brighter and happier as well.

Of course, that could be due to our spring-like weather too.

In any case, and for whatever reason, today is a good day and I feel great. Being on a juice fast might not be the reason I feel so good but it certainly hasn’t made me grumpy or feel deprived, that’s for sure.

Here’s my version of a homemade orange Gatorade concoction I found online. I brought this with me during today’s run so maybe this has magic properties gatorade

6 oranges, juiced

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 C. coconut water

1/8 t. salt

This was really yummy and I”ll make it again. The next time I do, however, I will use fewer oranges and more coconut water. I usually take a half water/half coconut water mixture with me when I go on long runs so I think I’m used to that flavor more than a sweet flavor.

The original recipe suggests that some people might want to add sweetener. Trust me–it’s not needed at all. I also added the salt, thinking that would be better for exercising. I couldn’t taste the salt and who knows if it’s better for me or not. Your call if you decide to mix up something similar.

Here’s to the two remaining days of my juice fast. I’m in the homestretch now.






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  1. This sounds pretty good.


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