Day 4 of Juice Fast

Today’s Theme: Costco is a bad place to go during a juice fast.

Day off from work today, which made my juicing efforts a bit more convenient. And, after some experimentation, I’m starting to figure out the juice combinations that I like the most.

I used the day off to run various errands that included attending a Bikram Yoga class and going on a Costco run.

Trust me, Costco samples and cheap pizza on day four of a fast after attending a 90-minute hot yoga session were tempting–especially when my husband and two of my kids indulged and I got to sit and watch them eat.

I stayed strong, though, and resisted the Costco food.

choc shake

from Google images

I will, however, admit to coming home and making a chocolate milk smoothie with vanilla whey protein powder and a frozen banana. Normally, a protein shake would be considered healthy, but today it felt decadent and I feel like I cheated. Technically, I did. Chocolate milk and protein powder aren’t exactly approved during a juice fast.

I do know, however, that was a much better choice than a half-pound slice of greasy pizza.

Here are a couple of juice recipes that I tried today that worked:


1 green apple

2 oranges

1 small piece of ginger

about 2 C. bok choy

about 3-4 stalks of celery

about 2 or 3 carrots


2 oranges

1 apple

about 1 C. strawberries

about 2 C. spinach

1/2 lime, with peel


Tomorrow I get to pick up my Bountiful Baskets order that will provide me with lots of new produce–plus I ordered a case of apples and another juice pack.

Even though my official seven-day juice fast ends after Monday, I know that I’ll want to continue adding juices to my normal diet.

Juicing has made me feel great. I haven’t been overly tired, hungry, or cranky. I also haven’t gotten any headaches, which I was warned would happen in day three or four.

Now, I’m just curious to see if I experience that promised surge of energy on day five. I certainly hope so, I have a long run planned in the morning and a lot of housework on my agenda for the weekend.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Keep strong! Good luck!


  2. Good luck on your juice journey! just make sure to take a multivitamin and maybe an omega3 supplement to help fill in the nutrion gaps (calcium, iron, etc). 🙂


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