Day 3 of Juice Fast


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Today’s Theme: Breath mint, anyone?

On my third day of juicing I’ve noticed that my tongue is a pasty white color, I have a bad case of cotton mouth, and I probably have bad breath too (sorry if that’s TMI). Other than that, though, I feel pretty good.

Depending on your source, a dry mouth during juice fasting can be due to one’s body releasing toxins or it could simply be a result of not drinking enough water.

Some people suggest drinking a bit of salt water to counteract the dehydrating effects of a fast. Other people treat the dry mouth symptoms with peppermint tea or parsley. I think I’ll break down and chew some mint gum and up my water intake.

The chewing gum part would be considered illegal by juice fast purists, and I’m sure they wouldn’t approve of the fact that I’m still drinking my morning cup of coffee either. Hey, before the juice fast, I drank two cups of coffee every morning…

What other bad things can happen while fasting?

Other side effects that can sometimes occur during a juice fast include a drop in blood sugar levels, fatigue, weakness, irritability, headache, dizziness, light-headedness, and mental confusion (

Unless my friends and family have other opinions on the matter, I don’t think I’m more irritable or forgetful than normal, but that might not be saying a lot!

Tomorrow will mark the halfway point in this week-long effort and I have no idea how people can do this for thirty or sixty days. I miss real food.


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