It’s Groundhog Day and I have a bad case of spring fever

Last weekend I made it up Millcreek Canyon for a hike with friends and our dogs. Millcreek is convenient because it’s so close to my house and on Regret runodd-numbered days, dogs are allowed. The downside? Sometimes it is super crowded. Which it was–even with the snowy conditions. Also, I can’t exactly call our walk up and down the main road a hike. I’ll have to save the real hikes for later in the season when the trails aren’t covered in snow and ice.

Anyway, Millcreek is a good outdoor option every-once-in-awhile and my dog loved it.

Today I jumped at the chance to be able to complete my long run outside. The sun is out, the temperatures are hovering around 32-degrees (downright balmy compared to recent conditions), and one of last week’s hiking buddies offered to join me. How could I pass that up?

Afterwards I felt great and I couldn’t stop thinking of the quote I’ve often heard repeated, “I really regret that run–said no one. Ever.”

The quote popped into my head because I have been having such a hard time making time to work out and motivating myself when I do have time. The weather has been so cold, snowy, and icy. That, combined with the limited daylight, has resulted in very inconsistent workouts over the past three weeks.

I needed today. I was reminded how great I feel when I force myself to lace up my running shoes and get out the door, and I was also reminded that spring truly is just around the corner. (And so is my Nashville race)! That, alone, should provide the motivation I need.


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