So, what do YOU do with your race medals and bibs?

All those medals.

I officially started running in road races in 2006 at the age of 39, which for most of my running friends is pretty late in the game.

Even with my late start I was surprised at how quickly the bottom drawer of my dresser filled with finisher medals. They are given out at virtually every race so there is certainly no shortage of them around my house.

one option

It doesn’t take long, though, for them to start taking up valuable drawer space and I’ve been wondering if there’s any good way to display them in an unobtrusive way. I don’t want a trophy shelf in my living room or some other obnoxious tribute to my fledgling athleticism, but I enjoy seeing them. I like that they remind me of places I’ve visited and friends I’ve spent time with. Some are just plain cool, too–like the Ragnar medal that doubles as a bottle opener or the New Orleans one that sports Mardi Gras beads instead of the traditional cloth ribbon.

I’ve seen wall-mounted medal racks such as those sold at, but those didn’t completely appeal to me. During one impulsive shopping trip to my local craft store, I saw some shadow boxes and thought, “I could do something with this.” This is what I usually say when I attempt to start a craft project that ultimately ends in disaster. Crafty I am not.

Anyway, I put together a shadow box that shows off the medals I’ve earned in my relatively new quest to run a half marathon in all fifty states. They are no longer buried in the bottom of my dresser drawer and I’m able to see them more often and enjoy the memories they spark.

Since I’ve put together my shadow box, I’ve seen a better ways to display medals in shadow boxes that don’t entail any ribbon cutting–a good idea if you want your medals to stay intact. Oh, well, at least I have more room in my bottom dresser drawer for things like Gu and Rock Tape.

my new office artwork

What about race bibs?

Then, there’s the question about what to do with race bibs. Some people toss them after each race but I’ve kept mine–for many of the same reasons  I have kept race medals. For the past six years, I’ve simply taped each race bib to the front of my file cabinet at work. I like how they serve as conversation starters when people visit my office.

Fellow runners will invariably start talking to me about running or people will notice a race bib from an area of the country with which they have a connection and that prompts conversation too. It was time for me to admit, however, that my file cabinets were beginning to look a little obnoxious with about two dozen race bibs plastered all over them.

To give my office a more respectable appearance, I bought a poster frame and decided to simply make a collage with all of my race numbers and hang them in my office more as a picture rather than wallpaper.

Well, there you have it. Two ideas for what to do with all the race memorabilia. Curious to know what others have come up with…let me know!


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