Today’s run and dailymiles

Date: August 12, 2012

not my legs or shoes ūüôā

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 1:39:32

In preparation for the upcoming Mesa Falls Half Marathon in Ashton, Idaho, I decided to run my tried-and-true Emigration Canyon long run. I love this run. All I have to do is convince my husband or my son to wake up early and drive me to the top of the canyon and kick me out of the car. I then get to enjoy the mountain scenery, the cooler mountain air (at the  beginning of the course), the downhill grade, and the camaraderie of the dozen or so other runners and bicyclists I invariably see.

I used today’s training run to test out my new running playlist and my new compression sleeves.

The running playlist is a hit. Instead of just randomly putting together a collection of running songs, I made the attempt to order them from slowest pace to fastest pace. I think I’ll move a couple around, but for the most part, that worked well. I have a tendency to go out too fast so the slower songs at the beginning will remind me to hold back a bit at the beginning. Then I’ll have the fastest songs at the end when I’ll really need the motivation.

And, there will be portions of the course where I’ll need motivation. All along I was thinking the Mesa Falls course would be all downhill, but it’s¬†not. The full mostly is, but there appears to be a hundred foot climb from about mile 3.5 to 7. Maybe the course map makes it look worse than it really is. I’ll let you know in two weeks.

Not sure if I’ll use my compression sleeves for my race. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. If I’m not sore at all tomorrow, that will convince me to wear them for the race. I’ll also need to experiment with just using them for recovery following a race, so I might try that option too. If you are curious about how compression sleeves work, check out:¬†

Daily Mile

One of my running friends (thanks, Mel) found a website that does a good job of letting runners and other athletes track their workouts. It works a lot like Facebook in that you can post messages, photos, or training information and have just your selected friends see them. It’s set up to track all sorts of different types of workouts so it’s not limited just to running, which I like. I’m still learning the ins and outs of using it, but I think it will be a fun way to get a group of people together and motivate and encourage each other. If you join, look for me as “Gail A.”

Happy running/walking everyone!











10:18 (course flattens at this point)



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