Mojaves part deux

Date: July 14, 2012

Distance: 8x400s timed runs; 8x400s walks; approx 3 mile run/walk (almost 5 miles total)

Times: 2:07, 2:04, 1:43, 1:49, 1:50, 1:48, 1:51, 1:42

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It’s been ten full weeks since I tried Mojaves for the first time and today I was prompted to do them again. I was curious to see how my times may have changed plus I’m always looking for motivation to do speed work.

I had skipped a planned three-mile run earlier in the week so I ran the 1.5 miles down to the local high school track figuring the to-and-back would make up for that lost mileage. Running downhill to the track was no problem. The temperature was relatively cool and I had fresh legs. Coming back up the hill after doing the set of sprints and with the sun now bearing down on me was a different story. I walked the whole way, but that ended up being a great cool down and I feel like I got in a great workout today.

My average lap pace in May was 1:50 and today it was 1:53 so I certainly haven’t increased my speed. Of course, today’s run was at least twenty degrees hotter, but I have to also admit that I haven’t done much in the way speed training. I just hate it so much. It’s hard!

I probably need to get over that, though. There are many compelling reasons to incorporate interval training, like Mojaves, into my workouts.

This New York Times article, which first appeared in 2007, explains the findings of a 2005 study that showed how interval training “can dramatically improve cardiovascular fitness and raise the body’s potential to burn fat.” The best part? Improved results are seen almost immediately and, by incorporating interval training into workouts only once or twice a week, the body appears to do a better job of burning fat even during moderate-intensity workouts the rest of the week.

That certainly sounds good to me. And, if I happen to eventually improve my race times as well, this could be a very nice outcome.

Next time, I won’t let ten weeks lapse between my Mojave training.


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