Spring break run

Date: April 2, 2012

Distance: 9.1 miles


Time: 2:20:54

The best part about today’s training run? My dog and my husband both joined me. Yay.

We are all off from school and work this week enjoying spring break to the best of our abilities despite the fact that our plans to go to Hawaii fell through. Let’s just say airline flight benefits are not what they are cracked up to be. Sure, you can enjoy free airfare as an airline employee, but that’s only if you are lucky enough to get seats. Planning a Hawaii trip during spring break? Likely not going to happen–especially when five seats are needed.

So here we are, at home in Utah, enjoying spring weather. In Utah that means 80-degrees one day and snow the next.

Since Orlando and I are planning to run the Nashville half at the end of the month we decided to get a long run in today. Our dog joined us at the beginning and we were smart enough to plan our route to allow for a stop at home to drop him off after about mile three. Even though, to look at him–all 90 pounds of him with long, lean legs, you would think he was built for distance–he is not. Three to five miles is his limit.

After dropping the dog off at home, we continued the rest of our run. The wind was a bit chilly, but we enjoyed sun and clear skies. We ran/walked the route, talked about all sorts of things, and didn’t have to worry about the time or where we needed to be.

Sleeping in every day and running whenever I feel like it? Not such a bad vacation after all.


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