Walk this way

This blog has become more about “illness and injury” than “race reports” lately.

Always looking for an excuse to post a picture of ST. (ew.com)

Booooring. (Sorry).

Soon, though, I will post a race report. That’s because I received encouraging news at the podiatrist/surgeon’s office today.

Here’s what I learned.

1. Surgery is not recommended at this time. (Yay).

2. I CAN complete the New Orleans race as long as I walk. (Another yay).

3. Workouts cannot include running yet, but can include elliptical, recumbent bike, walking, yoga, and weight lifting. (I can deal).

4. The fact that I walk around my house barefoot all the time is bad. My doctor says that wearing high-heeled shoes would be better for my tendons than going barefoot. Really?! Instead, I’ve been directed to wear my running shoes with inserts until my custom orthotics are made (see #5).

5. Yep, I need custom-made orthotic inserts. No surprise there. I have high arches and have never been able to find well-fitting shoes.

Happy that I have been given the okay to complete the New Orleans race. This is the second time I’ve registered for this race and I want to finally cross Louisiana off my list, dammit.

Hopefully, wearing custom orthotics and changing my running form once I get the go ahead to start running again, will return me to racing form soon enough.

Until I get to run, I’ll just have to “walk this way…”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Gail!
    Wow…I am so happy for yoU!!!

    I went for my first run in one month and 2 days today. I went ran/walked 2 miles and it felt like 20. Yet the place in my brain that NEEDED that run was so grateful. My foot hurts tonight, but I continue on my journey of ice, stretch, inserts, and perhaps orthodics like you. Sounds like we have the same foot makeup. And then we need to remind each other on correcting form.

    My best to you beautiful friend! It I could escape, I would come meet you girls in New Orleans!


  2. You are so sweet, Jen. We’ll race again. I’m seriously thinking of Missoula in July. We’ll see…


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