I got the boot

from Google images

MRI shows “Mild grade 1 partial tears of the peroneal longus and brevis tendons.” and “Grade 1 partial tear versus tendonitis of the Achilles tendon.”

After discussing options with my doctor, I decided to try to avoid surgery by immobilizing my foot for the next few weeks to see if that might possibly allow for healing. One last-ditch effort, I guess.

In the back of my head I feel as though I’m probably just prolonging the inevitable and will still need to have surgery. BUT, maybe this WILL work.

If I still end up needing surgery, at least I know I tried all other options first.

I’ll miss running, but doc says I can attempt any exercise that I can do in the boot. We laughed about bike riding with one foot and swimming as long as I buy a waterproof brace (yes, they have those). Those of you who know me well know that I will need to do SOMETHING or I’ll go nuts.

Jillian would probably remind me that I can still do planks in a boot.


Adding an update three months later. I think my time in the boot was wasted because a contributing factor in my tendon injuries was my lack of arch support. If I had strong arch support while in the boot, that may have helped. The boot, however, did nothing to provide me with the arch support I needed to heal.



One response to this post.

  1. Damn:( I am crossing all fingers and toes that this does, indeed WORK!

    Glad you are still working on solutions. Sending lots of love and healing your way:)


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