Wanna Go to the Doggy Park!?

Date: October 30, 2011

Normally I blog about races, hikes, or other noteworthy adventures. Instead, I want to tell you about my dog’s favorite place in the whole world–a place we frequent almost every week–THE DOGGY PARK!

That’s how I refer to it, at least–and in a high-pitched voice that drives my dog into a frenzy of excitement. When I ask him if he wants to go to the dog park, he rushes to his leash and can’t wait to get out the door. It’s about two miles from our house so we normally drive–except for that unfortunate hot summer day when I made him walk both ways with me and he collapsed from the heat.

Anyway, the drive there is a riot. He anxiously watches out the car window and scans the horizon for signs that we are nearing his beloved playground. With every dog we see along the way, he lets out this funny sound that can only be described as half whining and half talking. It’s not quite a growl or a howl, but this sound of excited anticipation that must translate to something like, “Hurry! I can barely stand it! Are we there yet?”

Tanner Park (the official name) is an off leash area that consists of several acres of dirt trails, trees, and a creek. I like it because it is close to my house and I enjoy being able to let my dog run off leash. He loves it too. 

Rocco loves splashing in the many access points to Parley’s Creek and on most visits he finds several other dogs who also want to chase and play.

This time of year has been particularly beautiful and I’ve enjoyed getting out to savor some wonderful autumn walks with my dog and sometimes other human members of our pack.

As I watch my dog’s unbridled joy during these quick escapes, I am reminded to savor the moment, breathe deeply, and look around each turn in the pathway for new reasons to wag my tail.


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