Peroneal Tendinosis


I finally went into the doctor after feeling on-and-off pain in my ankle for the past two months. I’ve been putting it off because it doesn’t hurt when I run; it only hurts all the rest of the time! And, I guess the pain wasn’t all that bad or else I would have been prompted to go in sooner.

Diagnosis? Peroneal Tendinosis.

Doc assures me that, with physical therapy, new inserts for my shoes, and cross-training, I should be fine after just a couple of weeks. He also told me that there is no reason I should skip my planned Portland and California races. (I was glad to  hear that).

It most likely was aggravated by running on an uneven surface (which I suspected). Also, my feet tend to supinate–which explains my high arches and the fact that the outside sole area of my shoes show more wear. That puts more stress on the achilles tendon.  To find out more about pronation or supination, check out this link, which explains both.

First physical therapy session is Monday and Portland 10K is Sunday. NOTHING is stopping me from going to visit my Portland running pals.


Update–April 3, 2012

Six months later, I’m still not 100% healed but almost there. My treatment attempts have included three visits to a sports physician, two months of  physical therapy, an MRI, wearing a boot for almost two months, then two visits to a podiatrist/foot surgeon who ultimately recommended custom-designed shoe inserts.  

If you found this site through a search, you probably are dealing with peroneal tendinosis and I wish you the best of luck because your journey could also include many weeks of healing or even surgery.

If I were to do things differently, I would have had my running gait analysed much earlier than I did (I was over a month into PT before that was done), and I would have seen a podiatrist before I saw the sports doc. In my case, my injury was brought on my years of running incorrectly–and having poorly-designed feet for running to begin with.

Best wishes on your healing.  


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