Run for the Nuns–Race for Grace 5K

From Run for the Nuns Facebook page

Date: September 18, 2011

Distance: 5K

Time: 27:11

Great morning for a race–blue skies, no wind, and 70-degree temp. Add to that a later-than-normal 10:00 a.m. start, close proximity to my house, my race fee going to a great cause, and that’s perfection, in my book.

Today I ran a 5K race that was part of an annual fundraising effort for  the Carmelite Monastery that is just about five miles away from where I live. A friend of mine organizes this event and I was happy to support it. No t-shirts were given out and medals only went to the top three finishers, so I left with only my sense of accomplishment and swag bag–which primarily consisted of a free plastic water bottle.

Normally, such skimpy booty would be disappointing, but not in this case. Knowing that more of my race fee went to the fundraiser (and who needs another race shirt anyway) was fine by me. Although I do like the race logo and slogan–it looks great on the t-shirts I saw the volunteers wearing today.

The race included only about a hundred participants, if my estimate is accurate. Several people brought jogging strollers and others brought dogs. And as my friend, Helen, said at the start, the dogs would have made Sister Mary Joseph very happy. The race is in honor of her. She was a nun at the monastery who passed away last year and, evidently, loved dogs. Had I known, I would have probably brought Rocco along. After all, his name comes from “Saint Rocco,” the patron saint of dogs.

Here’s a humorous tidbit–quick research on the internet will inform you that St. Rocco is also the patron saint of contagious diseases, bachelors, surgeons, tile makers, falsely accused people, invalids, and diseased cattle. There’s a patron saint for everything, I tell you.

Had I brought Rocco, however, I can guarantee you that I would not have had such a good finish time–27:11. A new personal record.

I was thrilled about my time, especially since the first part of the course included a brutal uphill climb, until I looked down at my Garmin as I crossed the finish line and it said I had only covered 2.95 miles. A short course probably explains my great time. Had I not been wearing my Garmin, however, I wouldn’t have reason to question the distance. So, despite my doubts about the validity of my time, I’m counting this as my best 5K time so far, darn it.

So, next week I have another half marathon to look forward to–in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Well, maybe saying “looking forward to” is not quite accurate. Orlando had an overnight there last night and said it was 31-degrees when he woke up this morning. Brrrrr! I’m not ready for that.  Nor am I looking forward to 6000 feet elevation and an uphill course. Definitely WON’T be reporting a PR time for that race!


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  1. Posted by angie on September 25, 2011 at 10:35 am

    I want that shirt!!


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