The long run that wasn’t.

Date: September 11, 2011

Distance: 0

Time: 0:00:00

So, today I have “11 mile run” listed on my training schedule.

Didn’t do it.

I slept in until past 8:00 and woke up with a headache and a nagging twinge in my ankle so I decided to get up and make muffins instead. Then I read the entire Sunday paper, finished laundry, wasted time on Facebook, wrote a quiz for my class, did some yard work, took my dog to the dog park, gave him a bath, and then went grocery shopping. I am now taking a brief computer break before I start dinner–homemade chicken enchiladas.

No, I don’t think you really care about the details of my day. The point is, sometimes the best running advice I have for someone is, “DON’T run.” When other demands of your life are piling up (like laundry) and you’re just not “feeling it,” sometimes the best thing to do is re-direct your energies in other areas.


I remember reading about an elite runner not too long ago. She was about my age, was married, and had five kids. The article portrayed her as this super woman in terms of her running accomplishments, but that’s not the part I remember.  What I remember are her comments about the sacrifices she and her family have made in order for her to pursue her running career. No home-cooked meals, and lots of missed time with her husband and children.

No balance.

The Jackson Hole half marathon is two weeks away and I skipped my 11-mile training run. Oh, well.

I’m not that concerned because I’ve already built a good training base and a long run on an already-sore ankle is not a great idea. Today, the best thing for me was to NOT run.

Thanks to my re-focused energies, laundry is done, cupboards are stocked, and meals for the week are planned. I now feel better prepared for the week ahead. I feel relaxed. I feel rested.

I know by now that as soon as my training runs ADD to my stress level, that’s a signal for me to cut back a bit, refocus, and pay attention to other areas of my life.


I won’t get my glitter star sticker today for completing my assigned workout, but that’s okay. There are plenty of star stickers and plenty of workouts ahead.  Unfortunately, there will also continue to be piles of laundry in my future as well.


One response to this post.

  1. LOVE this! I agree. Your base is great. I think that is my best advice too. Sometimes I am not feeling it. Better to not get injured, and still enjoy running by taking time off.

    Thanks for a great reminder:)


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