Providence, Rhode Island Race Report

Date: August 7, 2011

Distance: 13.1 miles

Time: 2:12:17

Cross Rhode Island off the list! In a soggy deluge, Denise and I completed the obligatory 13.1 miles and learned that wet running clothes leave one wishing that Body Glide was used on more places.

If you aren’t familiar with Glide, it looks like a deodorant  stick and prevents nasty friction-caused blisters and chafing. Luckily, we escaped with no blisters on our feet, but we both had nasty rug-burn-like places on our arms, chest, and stomach areas. Too much information? Sorry.

The course was nice—took us right by Brown University and along the river. Unfortunately, we were forced to run head down most of the race so we could safely avoid puddles and potholes that covered the roadway. I quickly gave up even trying to avoid puddles after about mile three. It just didn’t matter at that point. We were also both so “heads down” that we never noticed when we passed each other and ended up running solo among the crowd of people.

The course was also a lot more hilly than expected, which added a bit of challenge. Especially at the end. The last .2 was the steepest uphill of the whole entire race! Argh.

Hotel was amazing and was conveniently located a block from the start and finish. This is the first race where we booked rooms at the closest hotel to the course and I’m sure we’ll be doing that again in the future. It was so nice to be able to simply walk one block away to the start and not worry about having to catch a bus to shuttle to the start. Even better? Knowing that once we crossed the finish line a hot shower was only ten minutes away.

The past couple of days have been spent enjoying Lee, Massachusetts—caught a double-A baseball game at one of the oldest stadiums in the country and plan to enjoy Lobster Rolls at some point. We even managed to get a slow, easy two-mile run in this morning to loosen up our very sore quads.  The humidity is nothing like we are used to and we are wondering what Thursday’s evening race in New York will be like. I’ll let you know…


One response to this post.

  1. Gail,
    Congrats! Another well done race. I am so happy to be a part of your cheerleading team. I am so very proud of you and Denise! Keep up the good work:)
    Love you!


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