Long Run

Date: July 16, 2011

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 2 hours-ish

Dropped youngest kid off at an all-day basketball camp, took the dog to the groomer, and headed over to Liberty Park for my long weekend run. Ran a total of about 10 miles (oh, I wish I had a Garmin Forerunner–then, I would know exactly how far I just ran).

I love running at this park but don’t do it very often because it’s not exactly close to my house. I like that the running path is cushioned with dirt and bark (although I always end up getting bits of bark in my running shoes). And there’s a great water fountain along the path. The water is ice-cold and I love using it to refill my water bottle and drench myself with water during every lap. I hate running in hot weather and during the summer I am constantly looking for sprinklers I can run through to stay cool.

The run was nice, although toward the end I had to play mind games with myself–I promised myself I could walk during one whole song on my iPod if I first ran during three. That seemed to work during those last three or four miles. Here’s a song on my playlist that helped get me through: “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory.

I guess that strategy distracted me so much I forgot to take my Vanilla Bean Gu. WHAT!? Ten mile run with no Gatorade or Gu, and I didn’t pass out. Amazing.

After today’s long run I feel just a little more prepared for my August races.


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