2006 Salt Lake City Half Marathon

Date: June 3, 2006

2006 Salt Lake City Half

Time: 2:23:57

After my first half in Arizona I ran the 5K Race for the Cure (32:52) and enjoyed that too. Even from the beginning, though, I decided that the half marathon would be my preferred race. I liked that it required training and still felt like an accomplishment–it wasn’t a 5K or 10K that really require very little preparation. And, on the other end of the spectrum–it wasn’t as daunting as a full marathon that requires a substantial amount of training and effort.

Later on, I did end up completing a full marathon, but that story comes later.

My first Salt Lake City half was great. The course runs near my house and I saw people along the race route who I knew. That was fun. At this point in my running efforts, I was still very much a beginner and still learning. I knew early on, though, that there would me more half marathons in my future.


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