2011 Dog Lake Hike

Date: July 11, 2011

On the way up the trail.

Location: Millcreek Canyon

Distance: about 3 miles total

Time: about three hours with rest & snack break at the lake

First hike of the season! Husband, kids, family friend, and I decided to brave muddy trails and take our dog on his first ever mountain hike (he is only one-and-a-half).

We chose this particular hike since it is close to our house and is especially dog-friendly. Dogs can be off leash in this hiking area on odd days, and the destination is a popular one for dogs and owners alike. We were looking forward to taking our dog, Rocco, off leash and hoping he would enjoy a swim in the lake when we arrived at our destination.

Rocco, deciding he wanted to sit this one out.

While he loved to stop and drink from the streams all along the way, and wade into the water up to his chest, he

Dog Lake

decided he did NOT want to go for a swim. There were plenty of dogs up there showing him how, but he decided he would sit on the sidelines and watch.

Maybe next time we can talk him into it.

We bought hiking maps so we plan to do more hiking this summer. What a great reason to get out of the house with the kids. We all enjoyed it. I should take more days off in the middle of the week!


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