2007 Phoenix, Arizona Rock & Roll Half Marathon

Date: January 15, 2007

Time: 2:13:47

This was a very special race because it was the first race I ran with my BFF and college roommate, Denise.

Denise had always been a runner, unlike me. She knew all about running shoes, race strategies, what constituted a good race packet versus a lame race packet, and was a great source of information for me as I started out.

We chose to run this race because we could stay with my parents in Arizona, but–more importantly–so we could commemorate our 40th birthdays together. She turned forty the day after this race and I would turn forty just days after the next race we would also do together–Vegas, baby!

The picture I have included here not only shows the race shirt from this race, but the bracelet she gave me. I absolutely love it–it says, “Here’s to 40 and 13.1!”


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